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A automatic flying car that you do not have to drive, you just navigate and it will take you there. It is economical and dual afferent . robertrogers0303
A hybrid (I hate that word) using a turbine or diesel engine, a flywheel, and 2 electric motor/generators. So basically a giant KERS system BlueLight
A car that no matter the type of crash the occupants and hopefully pedestrians will be safe David12N
Laser Bike Lane Light offered in 12 volt for motorcyle rear light or break light donlashway
New urban rapid deploy able tank to replace two squad members in fire team and offers protection from IEDs when breaching building. jonathanklein58511
an electric car that converts the motion of wheels into electricity plus a solar panel Jared Wang
Building a Land Air Bus in Sydney -> kingdarth
An "End of Days" vehicle that has spaces designed for survival gear and weapons mynegawn
electric Zakhar Pashoon
Tubular Mining Car truck hibrid. Mines are very harsh on normal vehicles and are disposable. There is a medium market for human mine tanspor Joel Kennington Westmark
Develop a utility vehicle constructed in a modular fashion, so it can easily be adapted to suit conditions and application. Simeon Gilbert
i want to build this NITIN777
i want to build this defender concept, it has earned almost 60,000 likes on facebook and people are begging for it to be built NITIN777
detachable car - base is a 1 seater car that can be dressed with new chassis to provide different features chegov
A great windmill that works without wind combatmc
Solar panels built into roads turning asphalt roads to powerplants zoharkaplan
bumper distance sensors in front bumper (not only back) zoharkaplan
A solar unit charging car battery so it never goes dead built into black parts of the windshield - zoharkaplan
Front brake lights. It will help pedestrians crossing the road and all the environment can see you braking. ozirad
electric vehicle Karansham
Hydrogen fuel cell car with electric engine ziv_de
before runing to batteries,check the new economical fuel motors ReadHead
A bi - directional vechical dr1fix
Boats: Let the world help design a next-gen crossover Bass fishing / duck hunting boat. Power+Speed+Visual appeal+Functionality jroot67
An electric off road car Mark McClernan
A direct fuel injection system with fewer parts and no ECU, but which mixes the fuel and air prior to injrction. Mad_Hatter_92
a subaru impreza ute would be epic jaguarxj220rs123456
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